Rolda - Pre-Styling Sculpting Hair Spray | Add Texture & Volume, Firm Hold, Matte Finish, Low Shine, Pro-vitamin B5, Vanilla Scent

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ntroducing Rolda Cosmetics—the brand for men who want the best-looking & smelling hair. The Pre-Styling Sculpting Texture Hair Spray is the best pre styler & blow dry spray for men's hair thanks to its specialized formula containing hair strengthening, hydrating, and moisturizing agents. Its lightweight formula allows to create volume & texture as a stand alone product or in combination with gels/pomades/powders. The formula is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 to hydrate and prevent hair breakage. This product works as a texture hair spray for all hair types.

Whether you’re a professional stylist or just looking for an easy way to give your hair an extra boost before styling, Pre-Styling Sculpting Hair Spray is your go-to product. The Pre-Styling Sculpting Hair Spray is the perfect product for anyone looking to add volume, strength and texture to their hair Made for Men, Approved by Barbers.

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