OG WALKER GLASS 2.0 Pre-Wipe Edge Up Solution 8oz

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OG WALKER GLASS 2.0 Pre-Wipe Edge Up Solution 8oz

  • Formulated for today precise natural edge ups.
  • This triple threat is an oil dissolver, skin conditioner and antiseptic.
  • The propriety cleaning properties makes the skin surface super clean and dry in preparation for use of your preferred Edge up products

  • After shampooing and drying perform the hair cut u want to achieve. Apply a handful of Red Alert Retention foam and brush or comb in a natural pattern and dry also.
  • Apply glass pre-wipe with a cotton ball and let dry.
  • Then apply your edge product of choice.
  • oil dissolver.
  • skin conditioner.
  • antiseptic.
  • 8oz.

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