Slick Gorilla Curl Cream (100ml/3.4oz)

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Slick Gorilla Curl Cream (100ml/3.4oz)

The Curl Cream by Slick Gorilla is designed to provide control and definition, giving your hair exactly what it needs by enhancing oils and moisturizing elements. A unique high quality vegan formula, made in the U.K. which gives your hair everything it needs in one bottle.

This soft cream is great for many types of hair: short to long, as well as curly, wavy, and coily. It adds a strong dose of moisture through the hair helping to add long lasting conditioning and definition with a light hold that won't turn crunchy. 

A blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera help provide moisture to the hair.

How to Use:

For short hair, pump a light amount of curl cream onto hands. For longer hair, double up. Work cream fully into hair, distributing evenly from root to ends. Use cream to define any specific areas, pull curls out to amplify definition. For specific areas, feel free to apply more cream via fingertips.

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